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Gun Safety... Rules to LIVE by!

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  • REMEMBER, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FIREARM. This includes it's storage, use and maintenance. Read the manual that came with your gun. You need to be competent with your firearm, practice is the only way to achieve this.
  • ALL GUNS ARE LOADED. ALL THE TIME. Even if you "know" a firearm is unloaded... treat it like it is. Your training will save your life and other lives. If you have not physically checked any gun in your presence, you are GAMBLING WITH YOUR LIFE OR OTHERS. If you hand a gun to someone and then are handed that same gun again later... CHECK IT AGAIN. Non-compliance with this rule means DISABILITIES OR DEATH. Before we do a photoshoot here at GunGirls... we physically check (and show the models) that the firearms are free of munitions. We check the chamber, and the well or magazine to make sure they are clear. We check this each time a model is handed a firearm. Period.
  • KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FIRE. This will help prevent accidental firings. Let's say your walking along with your son, daugher or your wife... you slip on a wet rock and stumble... do you have time to think about taking your finger off the trigger? Do you have time to think about which family member you can live without because you accidentally shot them? NO!
    In GunGirls, you will see some models with their finger on the trigger. This is FANTASY and I make no apologies for it. See #2 for our safety proceedures when photographing models for the website. We follow full safety rules when making photos and videos of live fire sequences. This is REALITY.
  • NEVER POINT YOUR GUN AT ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE DESTROYED. You cannot recall a bullet. Do you know what is behind your target? Houses? Children? Are you prepared to go through life knowing that you killed a child because of your carelessness? Not trying to get melodramatic here... but this is very serious business.
  • Again, YOU must be responsible!

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